About Us

Extruded Stock Shapes for the 21st Century

We extrude and sell high performance stock shapes with the highest quality and customer satisfaction in the industry.

Located in Delaware, our 23,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing and logistics technology to produce cost effective, high quality products with unparalleled flexibility in delivery time. Quantum’s dedicated team of experts has a proven track record in the stock-shape industry. This team continues to successfully deploy high performance plastic materials in the aerospace, bio-medical, energy, food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and transportation industries.

At Quantum , our practice of “continuous innovation” enables us to develop process technologies and custom-formulated materials for the most demanding applications.

Replacing Metals with Plastics

Components machined from stock shape plastics products offer distinct advantages over metal parts in terms of lower overall cost, low maintenance, reduced noise and vibration, simplified design, lower weight, better chemical resistance and high energy efficiency. With a wide variety of standard off-the-shelf high-performance plastic products, Quantum offers a wide selection of materials in order to perfectly match your application requirements with the most cost effective products available.

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